Vervarcke A. Rare remedies and difficult cases

In the Database 'Rare Remedies for Difficult Cases' you'll find examples of cases, in full detail and with analysis, of so called small remedies, lesser known or even completely new remedies to the homeopathic body of knowledge.
In those cases, the language of the patient is preserved as much as possible and only summarized when no information was lost, thus making sure that the case reports contain all the expressions of the remedy.

For the first cases of a particular remedy, this is of utter importance: it might be "that a little specific hint" which turns your mind to a similar aspect in one of your unsolved cases. In this way you'll be able to help your difficult cases with remedies from formerly rarely used 'kingdoms', for instance Gemstones, Sarcodes, Imponderables, Monera and the like.

With the RadarOpus search facilities, you can scan the cases for specific words or kingdom or group characteristics.

Anne Vervarcke is well known for her prescriptions which are both methodical and intuitive, combining in this way the left and right brain functions to come to original conclusions. This is the pioneering work done by exploring unknown territory; therefore the information in this database is unique and nowhere else to be found.

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