Trivedi N. Sexual Disorders & Infertility

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"What has happened will happen again?
What has been done, still we must do;
Nothing under the Sky is entirely new…"

I read these lines in the book of Gynaecology by Taber, during my final year as an undergraduate. Till date, these lines continue to inspire me, and have led to the creation of my book "Homeopathy for Sexual Disorders".

It's my  adventure to create  different  types of clinical approach with Homeopathy.

I am certain that my book will provide students with an "evidence-based" understanding of the vital concepts. Our great master, Dr. Hahnemann has rightly pointed out that, "A clear understanding of the basics of Anatomy and Physiology is crucial to restore Abnormal Pathology".
I am convinced that "Homeopathy for Sexual Disorders - Repertory of Infertility", will offer a sound understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive systems, and hence be an immensely valuable tool in treating abnormal pathology.

I have tried my level best to use my 28 years of clinical experience, to illustrate many vital symptoms and remedies. The book covers over 75 conditions and provides around 100 remedies. I have liberally taken references from various sources to make the literature scientifically accurate and interesting, which have been acknowledged in the book.

Lastly, I would appreciate honest constructive criticisms and valuable suggestions from my readers to help make future editions more rewarding.

For detailed explanation on Clinical  indication and  symptom information, I would  request you to refer to my book- "Materia Medica Of Sexual Disorders".

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