Jansen T. The Healing Nature of Trees

Characteristics of trees used in homeopathy, with keywords and themes, sorted by botanical family.

The book describes 41 tree families, different from the plant families. First the biological characteristics of a tree family are given, followed by its homeopathic theme. Trees within a family are separately described.

Trees are often overlooked in healing human beings; their action covers a wide-range of pathologies and their healing power is great.

Ton Jansen has formulated family themes drawing from his professional experience as a grower, love and knowledge of plants, phenomenological research and homeopathic knowledge.

The descriptions are compact, making it easy to quickly select a remedy. The risk of a compact description is that it can be incomplete. However, references can be found in the extensive descriptions of plant remedies in the Materia Medica.

There is a Dutch book version: Het genezende wezen van de boom, but there is no English book version available.
ISBN, 9080810525
Language, Dutch
Author, Ton Jansen. Pages, 304. Type, Hardback
Printed in The Netherlands. Publisher, Ton Jansen

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