Synthesis Treasure Edition Features

The "Synthesis Treasure Edition" accompanies Radar 10 as it contains the data for the new access with the Concepts Finder. Although this version is very similar to Synthesis 9.1, it does offer some very interesting new information (its version number is 9.2 or 9.2v).

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  • Kent's Treasure
    The so called "Treasure" of Kent is most precious information which only now finds its way into a repertory. Kent's last additions have been stolen, but were recuperated by Dr. Ahmed Currim (USA).  He has been organizing this information for integration into Synthesis in an extremlely meticulous way .
  • Vithoulkas View 2006
    The Vithoulkas repertory View 2006 has been made on the basis of the author references which George Vithoulkas (Greece) has selected among the sources used for Synthesis 9.1.
  • Sherr 5 provings
    New information has been integrated about 5 provings by Jeremy Sherr (England):
    • brassica napus oleiferi (both provings)
    • cygnus bewickii (swan)
    • olea europea (olive)
    • oncorynchus tsawytscha (salmon)
    • taxus baccata  (yew)
  • Saine clinical information
    Synthesis Treasure Edition includes additions from André Saine (Canada): 800 additions to the Mind and Generals chapters and 1,500 additions to other Synthesis chapters.
  • New Concepts information
    Synthesis Treasure Edition comes with new concepts information to optimize the use of the Concepts Finder.
  • Synthesis Treasure Edition profile