New Implementation of Synthesis Additions Password

A more flexible implementation of the Synthesis Additions Password has been programmed. The goal of this change was to avoid the situation where people would get blocked when they were close to the threshold and ready to make additions during a weekend or a course.
This implementation of the Synthesis Additions Password is included in Radar 8.2 and higher.

With every 500 additions the user gets a message explaining to him/her why a Synthesis Additions Password is required. The number of additions made up to that point is indicated, as well as the threshold where the password will be obligatory (10,000 additions).

It is also explained how the user can ask for a Synthesis Additions Password at any time before reaching this limit.

If the user inserts a password at addition 9,000, the program will allow for additions until 19,000.

When the user has made 10,000 additions the message changes and requests that an immediate contact be made with the Synthesis team. A few more additions can still be made, but at 10,100 the program will not allow any further additions until the password has been entered.