Remedies Copied To Analogous Superrubrics

We went through every single rubric in the Mind chapter to decide for every subrubric whether it was appropriate to copy its remedies into the superrubric (main rubric). This proved to be the only way to make sure that no remedies from contradictory subrubrics were copied (just imagine -- someone - or a computer - would copy the remedies from "LAUGHING - never" into the rubric "LAUGHING"!).

Every addition of a remedy to a superrubric is labeled with a small down arrow so that it is very easy to see that this remedy comes from a subrubric.

In addition, a new Repertory view is offered where these remedies can be hidden "Full Synthesis, rmd not copied". If this view is selected, you will see rubrics without any remedies added from subrubrics.

The additional remedies from the subrubrics are only displayed when the "Full Synthesis, rmd copied" Repertory View is selected.

Yet another step to ensure that all the remedies for your case will be in the rubrics you select.