RadarOpus Release Procedure

Subsequent versions of RadarOpus are released following a strict procedure, installed to offer all RadarOpus users a smooth and easy transition to the next stable version.  This description will offer you some insight in the careful steps we take to achieve this.

  1. The alpha- and beta-testing is done by the programmers, our internal support and our own internal test team until we have a stable version including all desired features.
  2. The final beta test version is sent as a Field Test to all dealers, to Archibel's worldwide Support Team and to selected users worldwide. You too are welcome to join the Archibel Test Team and install the so called Link Release (install the test version by clicking a link on our website). The Field test allows us test the next version in a multitude of combinations of Operating Systems, languages, firewalls, etc.
  3. The next version is released, first as an intermittent Live Update. RadarOpus users who are connected to the internet when they start RadarOpus, will be invited to install the update. At first, the Live Update will be activated for a short period only. This allows our support team to collect additional feedback from the first hundreds of users and to immediately assist them in case that would be needed.
  4. When the Live Update is running smoothly and support is not needed any more, that version is released as a Live Update 24/7: anyone connected to the internet when starting RadarOpus will be invited to install the update, any time.
  5. As a last step, the update is released on DVD, USB, as an ISO Image and as a download from our website. All options may not apply to each update.