RadarOpus 1.41

Released on September 21, 2015 (LiveUpdate/ DVD/ USB/ ISO image)

Current status: ISO image DVD available (read Full Release Procedure)

RadarOpus/Radarony 1.41 is delivered as a Live Update, on DVD, on USB-stick, as an ISO image or as a download from our website to customers running RadarOpus 1.40 or Radarony 1.40.

This version is principally an update of content (see new books) and manages the back up of personal data before installing the new version. It installs new content purchased by the user. 56 new documents will be available in six languages (including a Chinese Kent and Vermeulen's new Concordant Reference and Synoptic Reference).

Many corrections to the content have been made in English and even more in the other languages, not the least by rebuilding and re-indexing the whole Synthesis database (in all five languages).
In many instances, translations have been completed.

The WinCHIP Pro patient file functions have been completed and many interesting new features have been added, some of them also to the Light and Easy versions:

  • several images can be linked to one patient
  • text symptoms can be tagged in a number of ways (family history, important symptom, Sankaran miasm, …)
  • add intensity of interrogation label to text symptoms
  • click to start a Skype call or send an email from within the patient file
  • mouse over shows content of analysis
  • powerful search of words in one or all consultations
  • zoom function for text editor
  • pick lists are movable and resizable
  • a patient file can be set as "veterinary"
  • different types of files can be added to a consultation symptom (image, sound, video, PDF, xls, …)

In addition, version 1.41 offers:

  • The Bönninghausen polar symptom analysis, automatically adding opposite polar symptoms to an analysis
  • Advanced family search possibilities to find rubrics belonging to a family in a number of ways

New implementations

  • Major content update: 56 new documents in six languages
  • Many corrections of existing data and translations
  • Bönninghausen polar symptom analysis
  • Advanced family search possibilities
  • WinCHIP Pro functions added
  • New patient file functions for all WinCHIP versions
  • Flexible installation options for updates larger than 100 Mb
  • Automatic and secure backup of personal data when installing a new version
  • RadarOpus can also be installed from a USB-stick
  • Popup messages when starting installation and when starting RadarOpus, increasing communication with users
  • Compatible with Microsoft's  new OS, Windows 10
  • Compatible with Apple's  new OS, X v10.11 (El Capitan)

What's New in RadarOpus 1.41

Full specifications of new implementations and improvements in RadarOpus 1.41 (18 pages):