Archibel as a Partner

Archibel is partnering with other groups to increase the quality, efficacy and availability of homeopathy in their association or worldwide. This includes homeopathic education centers, associations, research institutes, hospitals, etc.

Read more about some of these projects in which Archibel collaborates a partner.

Prof. To (Hong Kong): Radarony

Prof. To has chosen Archibel as a partner to create the first homeopathic software in Chinese. It is currently used by hundreds of his students. More

Carstens Foundation (Germany): Homeopathy at Universtities

The Carstens Foundation (Germany) has chosen RadarOpus to introduce homeopathy to medical work groups at Universities throughout Germany. More

Prof. Bellavite (Italy): OmeoVerona

OmeoVerona is a homeopathic Clinical Research Pilot project, using RadarOpus/WinCHIP, instigated by Prof. Bellavite from Verona. More