P. Ishwardas Tarkas (India)

About P. Ishwardas Tarkas

Dr. P. I. Tarkas (1908-2000), the doyen of homoeopathy, belonged to the 20th century generation of sincere and dedicated homoeopaths of India. He worked like a Trojan throughout his life for the cause of homoeopathy.
The work he left to posterity will not go into oblivion. Upgrading Materia medica and Repertory in an authentic way was the mission he took up in early 1950 and worked endlessly and selflessly for over 50 years.

About P. Ishwardas Tarkas' work

The stupendous work of Dr. Tarkas includes:

  • Formulating a unique construction of MM through appropriate headings
  • Correcting known books on materia medica and repertory viz. Hering, Kent, Boger, Boenninghausen, Clarke, Boericke, Allen, etc.
  • Addition to the standard books.
  • Coining new words, sentences, rubrics, cross references, relations etc.
  • Compiling and collating the information about MM and repertory from national and international journals, case reports, etc.
  • Brevity: Consolidating the cumbersome data of materia medica
  • Formulating pragmatic concepts out of the maze of symptoms
  • Organizing data through the process of co-ordination to explore the heart of the remedies and lift the veil of mystery that enshrouds a remedy.
  • Co-relating the material in the MM and Repertory with his own vast clinical experiences and adding the material therefrom.
  • Avoiding pedantic speculations and focusing on ‘human language’ of MM as obtained through drug proving.
  • Digging out the gems through original thinking borne out of his talent and untiring efforts.

In RadarOpus, Dr. Tarkas has published a two volumes Materia Medica, co-authored with Dr. Kulkarni.

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