New Separate Repertories

Synthesis is the core Repertory of Radar and increasingly integrates all homeopathic knowledge with each successive version.
Radar 8.2 now provides the ability to use additional separate repertories. This has already been possible: in English we had Murphy's Repertory, in German Pennekamp's Repertory. Altogether about 200 repertory versions had been released, which caused a technical limit. With this Radar update this limit is gone and new separate repertories can be added and opened.

This is important as an even great number of separate repertories will be made available with subsequent Radar versions . One Repertory which is already available is the Boenninghausens "Therapeutic Pocket Book" (b2), in English and in German.

As you can tell from this picture, the screen you see when selecting "File - Open Repertory" has been enlarged as well. Following each repertory name is the official abbreviation for that Repertory. You need to enter this abbreviation if you wish this repertory to open automatically when you open Radar.
E.g.: to automatically open b2 in German, you need to enter "C:\Radar\Bin\Radar8.exe b2g" in the properties of the Radar icon on your Desktop.