New Separate Repertories

Up to this point, the idea of Synthesis was to integrate all homeopathic knowledge into one Repertory structure. That goal has not really changed.

Nevertheless separate repertories are made available with version 9 for two reasons:

  1. The integration of a repertory into Synthesis starts from the source, just as for a case or a Materia Medica. This separate repertory exists in its totality. It is from here that all links to Synthesis are made to show that the full source is integrated and how it is integrated. Transparency of the quality of our work is the first reason to offer these separate repertories to the end-user.
  2. Some of these separate repertories are voluminous and are the main tool used by some homeopaths. Now they can use this repertory, or combination of repertories, along with Synthesis in Radar. Such smaller packages may be an easy entry for homeopaths that are not yet up to using the full Synthesis. Still, it is our goal to integrate all information into Synthesis.

With version 9.0 the information of the four major b-bg repertories is integrated. With version 9.1 the information from Boericke's "Repertory" (bro1) and Phatak's "Concise Repertory" (ptk1) is integrated as well. We will continue to integrate homeopathic information into upcoming versions of Synthesis.

Available Separate Repertories

Some available Separate Repertories are: Boericke, Clarke, Phatak, Roberts and Ward. "Repertory Compilation 1.0" (see below) comes with 9 smaller separate repertories that cover specific topics.

List of Separate Repertories

There are five larger Separate Repertories, which, though smaller than Synthesis, cover all chapters.

Boericke O.: Repertory
Clarke J. H.: Clinical Repertory
Phatak S. R.: Concise Repertory
Roberts H.: Sensations As If
Ward J.: Sensations As If

A number of smaller repertories that focus on a given pathology are available as Separate Repertories or as one volume, called "Repertory Compilation 1.0":

Bhatia V. R.: Miniature Repertory of Remedies in Common Cold
Choudhury: Hints for Treatment of Cancer
Drake O.: Repertory Of Warts And Condylomata
Foster J.: Toothache and Its Cure
Guernsey J.: Repertory of Haemorrhoids
Master F.: Hair loss
Pulford A. and T.D.: Repertory of Pneumonia
Sudarshan S.R.: Repertory of Non-Malarial fevers
Sukumaran N.: Main Symptoms of Heart Problems

Radar 9 allows you to open different repertories at the same time. It is possible to concurrently search through different repertories and to take symptoms of different repertories into one repertorization.