Loutan G. Répertoire de Thèmes et de la Matière Médicale Dynamique

This 18th edition of the Répertoire de thèmes et matière médicale dynamique exposes aspects and themes of the materia medica that could be deducted according to studies based on the approach of the so-called miasmatic homeopathy, introduced and presented by the late Dr. Alfonso Masi - Elizalde, Buenos Aires, in Europe in 1982.

Keywords and themes presented now over 350 remedies often do not appear as such in medical matters or current directories more literal and conceptual approach.

Behind the patient's discourse, original themes and concepts emerge that the patient does not verbatim but evokes, but that the doctor can sometimes include, collect or deduce.

The 19th edition, coming soon in RadarOpus, result from research groups, especially of the Association Française pour l’Aprofondissement de la doctrine Homéopathique (AFADH), offers concepts, themes and key words that will help the physician to approach the indicated remedy.

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