Tarkas P. Kulkarni A. A Select Homeopathic Materia Medica

  • An outcome of years standing efforts of duo Dr. P. I. Tarkas and Dr. Ajit Kulkarni…
  • A ‘new’ teaching consonant with perennial tradition…
  • Intelligence, perseverance and integrity define this precious volume of materia medica, which is addressed to every sincere student, researcher and practitioner of homeopathy…
  • A clear account of each remedy free of woolly jargon and obfuscation…
  • The portrait of each remedy developed by scanning the vast literature from Hahnemann onwards…
  • A unique framework to fall back on when you are confronted with difficult cases…

Conceptual Framework

    1. Monogram: Pathological generals. Behaviour. Patterns. Genetic coding etc.
    2. Region Worse Better: Anatomical localities and modalities
    3. Highlights: The account of essence
    4. Action: Pathogenetic. Neurotoxy. Hemotoxy. Toxicology
    5. Make-up: Appearance. Constitution. Diathesis. Personality. Temperament.
    6. Nerves: Weakness. Numbness. Spasms. Trembling. Convulsions. Paralysis. Degeneration etc.
    7. Tissues: Mucous membranes. Discharges. Blood. Muscles. Glands. Arteries. Veins. Growths. Bones. Emaciation. Joints. dropsy etc.
    8. Ailments from: Pre-disposing. Precipitating. Environmental. Injuries, etc.
    9. Peculiar symptoms
    10. Mind: Symptoms. Dispositions. Behaviour. Traits
    1. Head to Skin: Relevant information with sub-headings. Therapeutic indications.
    2. Thermal state: Chill, Heat and Sweat
    1. A myriad of remedy relations
    2. Exploration of remedies through practical tips
    1. A dictionary of difficult words
    1. Problems and Resolutions of the study of MM
    2. How to use remedy relations in Absolute MM

Short summary

The comprehensive text that explores the hidden treasure of materia medica and adds a new dimension to the systematic study of homoeopathic remedies.

A package of uncompromisingly scholarly presentation of 100 remedies offered to the world of Homoeopathic Materia medica, to unravel the hidden treasure of old and new literature, with emphasis on original database, logical interpretation of data, innumerable creative themes, new expanded relationship of remedies and overall a new methodology of remedy presentation.

The conceptual framework is structured in an analytical and synthetic way and therapeutic indications have also been provided. For the post-graduate and research scholar, the book will provide ample food to work upon.

This work has been provided with several additions, suggestions, clinical tips, expanded relations and glossary so necessary to fathom the intricacies of remedies.

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