Farokh Master (India)

About Farokh Master

Dr. Master is one of the most successful contemporary homeopaths. He has published dozens of books, is teaching all over the world and is considered one of  the most experienced clinicians in homeopathy.

He is affiliated to many classical medicine institutes, where he is respected contributing with his homeopathic knowledge and outstanding clinical experience. He has been lecturing at many international seminars, including at the "World Congress on Pain", Milano 2012. More

About Farokh Master's work

Many works of Farokh Master are available with RadarOpus: some of his booklets are for free, including his provings. Others are integrated in English References packages.

Some more elaborate works are payable and we want to highlight the following:

  • Clinical Observations of Children's remedies: a Materia Medica to understand remedies as needed and described by children, based on Master's clinical experience. More

Contact Farokh Master

You can contact Farokh Master through his website.