EH review by the British Homeopathic Journal

Software Review Encyclopaedia Homeopathica - July 2001

Encyclopaedia Homeopathica (EH) is the latest computer software from the RADAR group, providing the definitive collection of Materia Medica. It is the equivalent of the Great Library of Alexandria for the homoeopathic world. EH is the golden standard by which all future programs will be measured.

Software designers, please take note! This is the most reliable, quick, responsive and flexible program I have ever had the pleasure to use.

EH comes in a variety of packages to cater for all tastes and budgets. Although not cheap, the cost is considerably less than the price of the individual books, not to mention the saving in bookshelf space! Some of the books included are long out of print and unavailable on any other software package.

Installation is very quick and simple. Running the program is an absolute dream. It has been called "intuitive", which is a very apt description. One doesn't need any knowledge of computers to make full use of the program. Apple Mac aimed to achieve this level of simplicity of use and their vision has been created on IBM. The developers have achieved the seemingly impossible - a scientific / left brain program that unleashes the artistic / creative right brain in each and every homoeopath.

There is a very extensive Help section, which actually answers every question one may have. A far cry from other Help programs which leave one more baffled than before. The wonderful guided tour explains everything clearly and demonstrates each process. There is the option of online assistance in addition should the need ever arise.

The range of the Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Philosophy is superlative. From A (Allen) to Z (Zaren), classical to contemporary, books to journals, seminar transcripts to lectures. Whatever your heart desires - and more, much, much more!

I was captivated by the immense amount of knowledge spanning the centuries and the continents that was contained on one little CD. Unlike other programs, the entire text is reproduced, so one can access the preface and introduction.

For those who detest reading from the screen and prefer to curl up with a good book there is the option of printing unlimited amounts of text. Some other Materia Medica programs limit printing to five pages of text!

It is wonderful to access such a breadth of wisdom easily and with such speed. One can glean immense amounts of information about the least known of all the remedies.

One can satisfy one's curiosity about all those obscure remedies that one hears about, like Maiasaura Lapidea (Dinosaur) and Falcon, or deepen one's knowledge of any remedy one cares to mention. I had no idea there were so many remedies available.

As seminar transcripts and journals are included, the information is from the best sources and is totally up to date. As well as learning from the Masters of the past, one is able to glean the pearls of knowledge of our Contemporary Masters.

Homoepathy is evolving rapidly and it is essential that we all keep up to date with its developments. Not everyone will use the Bird remedies, but we can all learn from Bill Gray and Ananda Zaren about Thuja Occidentalis.

For those interested in the newer remedies there is a huge wealth of provings from Rajan Sankaran, Misha Norland, Jeremy Sherr and Nancy Herrick to mention just a few. Jan Scholten's innovative work on the elements and minerals is available within seconds as is George Vithoulkas' Materia Medica Viva, Esalen Conferences and even " Stolen Essences". The fabulous Bill Gray and Jonathan Shore Glasgow seminars are transcribed in full.

The search facilities are out of this world - incredibly simple to use, exceptionally quick and stunningly accurate. One is able to perform a huge variety of searches - remedies, families of remedies, cured cases, pathologies, word and phrases, authors and combinations of all of those. There is a direct link with Winchip and the RADAR programs, so one can easily move between all the modules.

When taking the case a patient mentions a symptom, one can rapidly find the appropriate rubric, run a literature search, analyse the case by means of family, Vithoulkas Expert System, Herscu Module and still have not exhausted all the possibilities!

This is the program that allows you to do those seven impossible things before breakfast! The only impossible thing is for me to describe every permutation available!

The developers are to be congratulated on producing the quintessential set of Homoeopathic programs. RADAR, Winchip and EH all work beautifully together as well as independently. They are totally crash proof, even in my hands!

EH is a solid investment and is excellent value for money. It is suitable for every student, practitioner, and even Master of Homoeopathy. One can always learn more. As far as Materia Medica is concerned, it doesn't come any better than this. This is perfection!

Marysia Kratimenos
BHJ, July 2001