Dimitriadis G. Therapeutic Pocket Book (TBR2)

In his early years of practice, George Dimitriadis became aware of the great clinical value of this work, which of all the repertories best represents the teachings and intentions of Hahnemann.

in 2010, due to a growing demand, the 2nd edition was published after a complete re-checking and correction against the newly accessed original TT manuscript, adding many more explanatory endnotes and references to materia medica original sources. Very detailed introductory articles were also added. We are finally satisfied that TBR2  is by far the most reliable and accurate repertory available.

It is this second edition which has been released with RadarOpus version 1.43.

For technical reasons, the printed book is split in three parts in RadarOpus:

  • Therapeutic Pocketbook (Repertory part)
  • Concordances (Family repertory part)
  • Therapeutic Pocketbook Method  (Text part)

 A map (see below) allows one click access to open all parts of the book.
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