Degroote F. Notes on Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes

‘Miasm’, the word itself has raised eyebrows of curiosity in the long history of Homeopathy. Dr. Hahnemann introduced this concept with the ‘Theory of Chronic Disease’ after years of clinical research and experience. Every new concept has its critical analysis by people who find it difficult to move out of orthodox thinking.

Dr. Filip Degroote’s effort is again a step separated from the league, as he brings clinically applicable concepts of miasm, heredity and nosodes. Dr. Filip Degroote has emphasized that in homeopathic practice the use of intercurrent nosodal miasmatic remedies is very crucial.
He has discussed the three main miasms and other diatheses in detail. He has also discussed about the presentation, common disease conditions and different stages of the all the miasms. The psychological aspect of the miasms has also been considered.

Cases have been presented which give a practical insight into the usage of nosodal miasmatic remedies. In addition Dr. Filip Degroote has discussed about Bowel nosodes, importance of heredity and energy points.

This work is a clinical necessity as it shall prove to be a beneficial tool on the desk of a physician for easy and apt references. We trust this information will be found useful by all the readers and are sure if used appropriately, homeopaths will be able to achieve much better results in their practice.

Distinguishing features:

  • Detailed explanation on Energetic examination based on principles of kinesiology using Weihe points, Acupuncture points, Hypotonic and hypertonic muscles (muscle tests), sensitive nerves along the spine and Chakras
  • Includes information on complementary remedies, remedy groupings, muscle testing, classical and bowel nosodes, remedy relationships and dozens of sample cases
  • It focuses on the basic concept of Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes and gives a detailed account on Bowel and Isopathic nosodes

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