Confidence Levels of Remedies

The "Confidence Level of Remedies" function in Radar 8.2 and above offers a new way to use exactly the information that has the reliability of your choice

What does it mean?

Every single remedy occurrence in Synthesis is labeled with a Confidence Level, which expresses the confidence you can have in the presence of this remedy in this rubric. This Confidence Level of Remedies (CLR) ranges from 0 to 100 and is the result of several criteria indicating reliability of information.

One such criterion is the "presence of remedy in Kent's repertory". Many experienced homeopaths feel that, if a remedy was present in Kent's repertory, it has a certain reliability. So they would feel that all such Kentian remedies have a "high" Confidence Level. Other homeopaths may feel that we have to start from scratch and that Kentian remedies should not have such a high confidence, but only medium. Depending on a homeopath's view the criterion "Present in Kent" may receive a value from 0 to 10.

The same reasoning goes for all other criteria and different homeopaths may have a different level of confidence in each of these criteria.

Several criteria may apply to the same remedy, because different authors may support one remedy. A formula is then used so that each remedy receives a final Confidence Level that ranges between 0 and 100. The graph shows the remedies of a rubric with their various Confidence Levels.

With this information you now have three Confidence Level Views of your Synthesis:

  • Only remedies with a Confidence Level higher than 66 are shown (above the upper red line). In the graph above only 6 remedies are considered "very reliable".
  • Only remedies with a Confidence Level higher than 33 are shown (above the lower red line). Another 5 remedies are shown.
  • Remedies with a Confidence Level higher than 0 are shown; this means that all remedies are shown.

Confidence Level Setting

The combination of scores given to the different criteria expressing reliability constitutes the Confidence Level Setting.
If you wish you can modify the Confidence Level Setting to your personal preference. This is the screen where you can define your confidence in Repertory information.