About the Carstens Foundation

The Carstens Foundation (Essen, Germany) was created by the former German President, Prof. Dr. Karl Carstens and his wife, Dr. Veronica Carstens.

Karl Carstens (1914-1992) was the fifth President of federal Germany, from 1979 to 1984. He was a Professor of public and international law, with a degree from Yale Law (USA). During his term of office, Carstens was hiking Germany in order to decrease the gap between politics and the people.

Veronica Carstens (1923-2012) was a doctor of Internal Medicine with a genuine interest in natural medicine and homeopathy in particular.

It was her husband who suggested to create a foundation with the goal of promoting and researching Complementary and Alternative Medicine: the "Karl und Veronica Carstens-Stiftung".

Since its creation in 1982, the Carstens Foundation has realized an impressive number of research projects in the area of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). More than 35 million € has been spent to initiate or support more than 100 projects, fellowships and dissertations, all related to CAM.

In 1983, Karl and Veronica Carstens also founded a patient society "Natur und Medizin" (Nature and Medicine). It has two tasks: inform the members about natural medicine and homeopathy and help funding the projects of the Foundation. Natur und Medizin has more than 28.000 members.