Anne Vervarcke (Belgium)

About Anne Vervarcke

Anne Vervarcke was originally was trained in arts, graduated in Oriental Philology and Anthropology and later took courses in classical homeopathy, first in Belgium and after that in the School for Homeopathy in Bloemendaal and Amersfoort in The Netherlands.

She established ‘The Centre for Classical Homeopathy’ (CKH) in Leuven, Belgium, which organizes a five years training course, a Postgraduate course, a yearly seminar and an International Training. She created the programs and was teacher and director for 15 years.

She also has a private clinic since 1989. Currently she is co-ordinating international trainings and gives seminars in different countries. More

About Anne Vervarcke's work

In RadarOpus, Anne Vervarcke published a series of interesting cases:

  • Rare remedies and difficult cases (vva4-2014). This book of special and most challenging cases was first released with 25 cases. With RadarOpus 1.41,  a new version is available with 50 cases. More