Ajit Kulkarni (India)

About Ajit Kulkarni

Dr. Kulkarni is a famed international teacher and an academician who has given many creative ideas like body language, twenty points recipe of data processing, the concept of monogram of remedies, regional repertories, coining new rubrics and new relations of remedies.

He is  Director of the Homoeopathic Research Institute, Pune, an expert for the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy and the author of many books.


About Ajit Kulkarni's work

In RadarOpus, Dr. Kulkarni has published a two volumes Materia Medica, co-authored with Dr. P. I. Tarkas:

  • A Select Homeopathic Materia Medica (tkp2) presents each remedy in a methodical way by spanning the vast literature from Hahnemann's MM Pura onwards up to 2013. More

Contacting Ajit Kulkarni

Ajit Kulkarni can be contacted through mail at dr_ajitkulkarni(at)rediffmail.com or check his website.