Additional databases for EH

The new version of EH 2.2 comes with the opportunity to open and work with additional databases.
After installing this free database, you can open this file in your EH program as any other database (via the menu "File", then "Open"). You can scroll through the text and find a section you like to study or search on keywords or remedies.

Note that you can have several database files open at the same time, but the search will only search through the file that is on top. After opening a second database, you are able to switch quickly between them via the selection box at the bottom of your screen.

Here is a list of these additional databases:

  • 10 Provings in English: This database contains provings of medorrhinum, toasca, red granite clay, rhododendron chrysantum, bitis arietans, Hadrian's wall, perl of the common mussel, lapis lazuli and heroinum from Berridge, Irwin, König & Santos, Master, Morgan, Rosenbaum, Shore and Snowdon. See more details.
  • 17 Provings in German (July 2006): This database contains provings of adonis vernalis, amylenum nitrosum, banisteria caapi, berberis vulgaris, boa constrictor, cerastes cerastes, coca , convallaria majalis, fagus sylvatica, ginkgo biloba, Hecla Lava, medusa, mimosa pudica, natrium phosphoricum, Penicillinum chloramphenicolum, Penicillinum streptomycinum, Penicillinum sulfonamidum, Penicillinum tetracyclinum, python regius, rhododendron chrysanthum, sequoia sempervirens, tyto alba from Alex , Birch, Flick, Gutge-Wickert, Jus M.S, Jus M.C, Klotzsch, König, Peisker, Potgieter, Rockwell, Santos, Schoitsch, Swoboda and Wichmann. See more details.