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The most reliable and largest Homeopathic Repertory is now available as an App!

Synthesis App Features

Here is a list of the main features of the Synthesis App. More detailed explanations of some features can be found under the menu entry Features.

  • The Full Synthesis edition 2009V
  • More than 2.500 pages, 180.400 rubrics, 1.077.000 remedy entries
  • Veterinary rubrics and additions*
  • Kent’s Treasure corrections and additions
  • Künzli dots
  • Find and browse as you would in a paper edition book
  • Search on words, and find anything quickly and easily
  • Nothing remains hidden
  • Place and keep bookmarks for later reference
  • Take up to 25 symptoms in a symptom clipboard
  • Create initial analysis at the patient bedside
  • Send your analysis as PDF to your email
  • Easy to use & intuitive interface
  • All cross references and synonym rubrics (referring rubrics)
  • Full remedy and author list
  • Show Remedies and Authors on/off (only one author reference is shown)
  • Works offline, no phone network costs
  • A high-powered standalone application
  • Send the clipboard via email to your RadarOpus program, to analyze, compare remedies, check the VES (Vithoulkas Expert System) results, and save to your patient file.

* English and German versions only


Companion to RadarOpus

Although the Synthesis App can be used as a completely independent App, you also have the possibility to use it as a companion to RadarOpus!

You can send the clipboard via email to your RadarOpus program to continue the analysis, compare remedies, check the VES (Vithoulkas Expert System) results and save to your patient file.

This functionality makes the Synthesis App a true companion to RadarOpus!


The Synthesis App is available in the following languages:

  • English (since October 2014)
  • French* (since June 2015)
  • German (since April 2014, released by Hahnemann Institute, D)
  • Italian* (since May 2015)
  • Spanish* [Apple only] (since June 2015)

* Does not include the veterinary rubrics and additions

Available for all mobile platforms

Check the compatible operating systems

System requirements

  • Demo or lite version 20 MB
  • Full version 300 MB

About Synthesis

  • The Synthesis App is based on the Synthesis Repertory edition 2009, published by Dr. Frederik Schroyens. (Veterinary symptoms only in the English and German versions).
  • Synthesis is used worldwide and is known to be the most comprehensive & most reliable repertory.