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Peter Morrell, UK - Book review

Read the book review by Peter Morrell, who concludes: "It is an excellent book and one can only admire the author for his knowledge and skill. It looks certain to soon become a classic, highly prized and treasured by every practitioner."

Dr. Douglas Falkner, The Falkner School for Homeopathy, USA

Just wanted to send you and Arjen a heart-felt thank you for this book. I love it!! I am a teacher and train homeopaths, and have already recommended it to many, as well as used it for ideas to teach the repertory.

I wish you great success in disseminating this valuable resource for students and practitioners alike.

Vijaya Mitra, USA

I have done a few exercises from Practice makes perfect already, and I think it is a terrific book, well worth the money.

Dr. Frederik Schroyens, Belgium

Dear Arjen, yesterday I received the book "Practice makes perfect" and I am most elated.

Your question series have been known to me for many years and I have liked them since.

With this new book, so beautifully edited and laid out, the quality of your work becomes even more apparent. I will recommend this book wherever I teach and I am sure that it will be a companion to all who wish to master the repertory.

Up to now I have not come across a work that is at any level as well thought out and as useful as this.  Thank you for your great contribution to our art!

Dr. Luc De Schepper, USA

I noticed when teaching around the world that basic repertory knowledge if often lacking. If this book would be used everywhere, students would surely have a solid foundation to follow me when I teach ‘advanced meaning  and use of rubrics’.