Synthesis 8.0 Catalogue of Remedies

This new Catalogue contains 4.200 remedies.
We encourage you to use our work for your personal or institutional purposes. The only thing we ask is to be informed, to be mentioned as a source and to get your feedback so we can further improve this catalogue.
The Remedy Catalogue is offered in different formats.

The Full Remedy Catalogue

Contains all remedies, all synonyms in Latin and the abbreviations. It is sorted alphabetically by remedy name.
The synonyms are sorted in between the official remedy names and followed by the abbreviation of the official Synthesis remedy name.
This list is identical to the one used in the book and in the software.

The Documented Remedy Catalogue

Contains only those remedies which are documented either in the Materia Medica as available in EH or in Synthesis. This list is sorted by official remedy name and then displays all sources where information about this remedy can be found.
Synonyms and remedy abbreviations are not included in this list.
This version is based on EH package H4 in English and all packages in other languages as available on October 1, 2002, which means that it refers to 870 volumes of MM.
It also includes reference to Synthesis 8.1V in English and to all national language Synthesis versions as available on October 1, 2002 (se80, sge80, sie80, sfe72, spe67, sse67, sde50).

Catalogue with Synonyms

Contains an alphabetical list of all official Synthesis remedy names, followed by their synonyms in Latin in a second column.
If you do not know the official Synthesis name of a remedy, you will first need to find that in the Full Remedy Catalogue which has all remedy names and synonyms in one column only.
If there is no synonym available you can suggest one.

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