Synthesis 9

Dr. Pravinkumar S. – Pune - India

A good knowledgable great book ‘Synthesis’.

Robin Johnson – Marshville - USA

Love my new Synthesis!

Leonard Fox – Charleston – USA

Many thanks for your work. I have several editions of Synthesis in various formats, and am delighted with the ‘mini’ size which is ideal for travel. I remember Dr. E. Wright-Hubbard saying many years ago that she wished there were a very small edition of Kent available and now you have produced one!

Sanjib Biswas – Kolkata - India

Synthesis is one of the best books in the world of Homoeopathy. It always helps me to collect the exact drugs.

Dianne Bailey – Broussard – USA

I really use your book a lot and find it very useful.
Thank you!

Örnberg Minna - Kokkola - Finland

Thank you for all the hard work you do for us!
Many greetings from Finland.

Singh Ajinder - Punjaab - India

This book is extremely helpful in my practice.
Thanks a lot.

Paromita Bandyopadhya - India

Very few fortunate souls are blessed with an opportunity to do something which helps transform lives of thousands … Your work on Synthesis is amongst this.
For more than a decade this book has been a part of my journey in helping people lead a healthier and happier life. A story which I’m sure is also similar to many homoeopaths worldwide. So, let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude and hoping that your good work continues further. Happy Birthday kind Sir!!!

Thank you.

Ajay Gupta - Pakistan

Hi, Frederik, Synthesis is a big contribution to Homoeopathy, great work.

Jothi Pavalan - India

Sir, i am a homoeopathic doctor practicing at coimbatore, south india. and also i am working in a homoeopathic medical college here as a reader. i am using ur repertory since 2003, and impressed a lot by your work. i am very much excited after seeing ur profile in fb.

Sohilraj Gupta - India

Hello frederik your synthesis is a master piece.

Miller Marylu - Northfield - USA

From: Quotes Synthesis 9

Amazing work. Thank you.[more]

Sinha B.G. - Tarapur Silchar – India

From: Quotes Synthesis 9

I consider Homeopathy as the best among all therapies because it takes care of the mind of a patient where other systems do not. Edition 9.1 of Synthesis (Mind chapter) is of immense value. Continue to enrich it.[more]

Lisa C. Fortes-Schramm – Portland – USA

From: Quotes Synthesis 9

I am a student of Dr. Will Taylor. He speaks highly of your product. So far, I agree![more]

Brigitte Mollin – Onnion – France

From: Quotes Synthesis 9


Thais Santos - Killarney vale – Australia

From: Quotes Synthesis 9

Absolutely fantastic book!

Thank you so much for sharing all this amazing knowledge to the world!![more]


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