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Twohig, J: Redback spider additions for Synthesis Treasure Edition


947 Repertory additions for Synthesis Treasure Edition (9.2) of the
proving of Latrodectus hasselti (redback spider)

Check after injection

"MIND - FEAR - health - ruined, that she has" should contain Lat-h. (1st degree) with author reference thj1 (in "Full Synthesis" view).

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Can be injected into

For any veterinary Synthesis Treasure Edition or standard human
Synthesis in English (SE92, SE92V), French (SFE92), German (SGE92,
SGE92V), Italian (SIE92), Spanish (SSE92, SSE92V).

Note: If you inject these additions in a standard human Synthesis TE two error messages will come at the end. This is normal because a veterinary rubric will not be present. Just close the error report.

You can also insert these additions in an Essential Synthesis repertory, but because this edition does only contains the essential symptoms), some 25 errors will be displayed after you have injected the files. Just close the error report.

Warning: The log file cannot be injected into Synthesis 9.0 because for many symptoms the format of this repertory is not compatible;

Installation instructions:

    • Download the update file to the folder \Radar\Update
    • Close all running applications, including EH and Radar
    • With the Windows Explorer, go to the folder \Radar\Update and double click on the file "Twohig_090610.exe"
    • Follow the installation instructions
    • Then you can start Radar again


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Entry from: 11.06.2009
This entry is located in category: Download Synthesis

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