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English Provings (10 volumes)

English Provings (10 volumes)

Update information

It contains provings of medorrhinum, toasca, red granite clay, rhododendron chrysantum, bitis arietans, Hadrian's wall, perl of the common mussel, lapis lazuli and heroinum from Berridge, Irwin, K├Ânig & Santos, Master, Morgan, Rosenbaum, Shore and Snowdon.

Minimum requirements

  • EH 2.2 or higher (EH 2.0 is not enough!)

To check your current version of EH, start EH and select "Help - About ...".

Installation instructions

  • Download this eh update to the folder C:\EH
  • Close all running applications, including EH and Radar
  • With Explorer, go to the folder C:\EH and double click the file "EHEnglishProvings10Vol.exe"
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • You can start EH as before; then, from the menu, choose "file - open"; open the file "English_NewProvings_10_Volumes.nfo"
EHEnglishProvings10Vol_A.exe2.3 M

Entry from: 12.12.2006
This entry is located in category: EH Add-Ons

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