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crypkey driver

Latest crypkey driver

This driver solves the following issue:

  • Internal error (CK-5: Getting authorization)
  • Internal error (CK-7: Getting authorization) followed by
  • Radar internal error, protection key not present (6)

Important note:

Those files are to be downloaded for Version 10 program users only!!!

Installation instructions

  • Download the crp32002.ngn file by clicking on the link here below and save it in the folder C:\RADAR\BIN
  • Download both CKS.exe and SETUPEX.EXE and save it in C:\RADAR\NTDRIVER
  • Double-click the file SETUPEX.EXE only (There is no message stating the installation is either started or finished, but it is being done)
crp32002.ngn356 K

Entry from: 11.05.2007
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