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Hasp Driver for Radar on Virtual PC

This driver solves the following problem

"Windows Fatal Exception 06..." error message that occurs when installing Radar under "Virtual PC 6" (Windows emulation software) on a Macintosh.

Important notes

  • Virtual PC version 6 is required on Mac OS-X
  • This driver is not compatible with Windows XP
  • Do NOT install this driver if you use Virtual PC 7

Minimum requirements

  • Macintosh computer
  • Radar 8
  •  Virtual PC 6 with Windows 95, 98, Me or 2000 (Windows XP is not supported by the Hasp driver for Virtual PC)
  • This driver is not designed for use on Virtual PC version 7

Installation instructions

  1. download the Hasp driver V4.02 by clicking on the file HDD32_V402.EXE here below. We recommend to save this file on the hard disk in the folder C:\Radar\Bin
  2. start the Virtual PC session
  3. open the Windows Explorer
  4. open the folder RADAR on the hard disk then BIN
  5. double click the file HDD32_V402.EXE
  6. follow the instructions on the screen and choose to "REMOVE" the installed driver
  7. Once the driver has been successfully removed: open the folder C:\Windows\System and click on the "Show files" button in order to display the content of the folder
  8. open the menu "Tools, Folder Options", select the thumbnail "View" and select the line "Show hidden files and folders". Confirm with OK.
  9. if the file "HARDLOCK.VXD" is present in the list of files, select it with a single click and press the "Del." key on the keyboard. Confirm to delete the file. (On VPC with Windows 2000: delete the files C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\HASPVDD.DLL, C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\HASPDOS.SYS and C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\HASPNT.SYS)
  10. open the folder RADAR then BIN
  11. double click the file HDD32_V402.EXE
  12. follow the instructions on the screen and choose the "TYPICAL" installation
hdd32_V402.exe1.2 M

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