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Hasp driver for RADAR on Windows XP

This driver solves the following issues with Radar and USB Hasp keys:

  • "Radar internal error: protection key not present (6)"
  • "Aladdin Knowledge Systems Key 00" instead of "Aladdin HASP Key" in Device Manager.
  • The file 'aksusb.sys' from Aladdin install disk is required

Important notes:

  1. There is no need to install this driver if you don't use Windows XP on your computer.
    This driver does not replace the Hasp driver installed by default with Radar: it is an additional driver. The original Hasp driver must not be un-installed when installing this additional driver.
  2. If you use a USB hub which does not comply with all specifications of the USB standard, the Aladdin USB-Hasp key might occasionally not be recognized by your system. Refer to the Hardware Compatibility Lists by clicking on the link below Some USB controllers cause computers to hang or display a blue screen. This problem is not related to Aladdin drivers.
  3. Do not install this driver if you use Virtual PC lower than version 7!!!

Minimum requirements:

  • Radar version 8 or above. Older Radar versions do not run on Windows XP.
  • Virtual PC version 7 with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (this driver is not compatible with Virtual PC versions 4, 5 and 6)

Installation instructions:

  1. download the new Hasp driver by clicking on the button "Haspusersetup.exe" here below. We recommend to save this file on your hard disk in the folder C:\Radar
  2. close all running applications
  3. open the Windows Explorer
  4. open the folder RADAR on the hard disk C
  5. double click the file HASPUserSetup.exe
  6. follow the instructions on the screen
HASPUserSetup.exe2.1 M

Entry from: 04.12.2006
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