Radar Internal Error 8015

When I start my network version on a client machine (workstation), I get the error message "Radar Internal Error 8015"



Radar cannot find the Hasp License manager.


Download the file nethasp.ini and copy it on every computer with that error message to the directories where the files radar.exe, eh.exe and chip.exe are located, usually C:\RADAR\BIN, C:\EH and C:\RADAR\WINCHIP\BIN.

If this does not help then reinstall the License Manager: on the RADAR Server go to C:\ARCHINST\UPDATES and execute LMsetupHL.exe

Open the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and check the License Manager is running.

Note: you may need to deactivate the Windows firewall 


Network versions of Radar with a NetHasp key


Entry from: 11.06.2008
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