Can't open Remedies table ...\system\remed (see radar.ini)(H-14)

When I start Radar I have this error message "Can't open Remedies Table ...."


The remedies files are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

Solution (1)

  1. Close Radar and then insert the Programs DVD
  2. Wait a little and the Programs DVD window should open (if not click on My Computer to explore the files on the DVD)
  3. Open the _Radar folder
  4. Open the Radar folder
  5. Open the System folder
  6. Copy the two files remed.dat and remed.idx
  7. Paste it into the C:\Radar\System folder, replacing the old ones if asked
  8. Restart Radar

If you have made additions of remedies, open Repertory Utilities and in the main menu chose Update then Update user defined remedies.

Solution (2)

  1. Close Radar
  2. Click on Start, All Programs and open the Archibel software group
  3. Click on Repertory Utilities
  4. Click on a Synthesis repertory
  5. In the Repertory Utilities menu, click on File, Automatic network localization
  6. Type the path for Radar as C:\Radar (or D:\ if this where your Radar is installed)
  7. Press OK
  8. Close the Repertory Utilities program
  9. Start Radar

Entry from: 12.03.2008
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