Why does my Radar program crash?

Radar constantly crashes when I am using it


One very likely cause of crashing in Radar is the use of the mouse wheel. The touch pad or mouse pad on certain notebooks will also provoke this.

The problem does not occur if you use the scrollbars and the mouse buttons.


If you have a wheel mouse the solution is to replace it with a different type or brand of mouse.  If you have a notebook with a touch or mouse pad, then you will need to disable the pad and connect a USB mouse.

If you want to keep your current mouse, do not use the wheel function, use only the mouse buttons and the scroll bars to move around.

Happens with

Some types of wheel mouse.
Can also be caused by the mouse driver, the system speed and the operating system (or a combination of these).

IBM Think Pad





Entry from: 03.10.2007
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