Error message:"You have no access to this homeopathic database"

Error message:"You have no access to this homeopathic database"


  1. The new catalogue.nfo file has not been copied correctly during the installation process; to check this open C:\EH\EH.LOG. If there is a line KLY1.DE it indicates that the catalogue file has not been copied correctly.
  2. You have made an Upgrade from German database S3 to S5: in this case you get an error message because the program trys to open the last used database, but as S3 is no longe present it cannot be opened. 

Occuring when

  • When starting EH


  1. Close EH and copy the attached catalogue.nfo file into the C:\EH\SYSTEM folder; restart EH.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and find C:\EH. Doubleclick on the EH.INI file. Finde the line "last file=......." and delete everything after the sign =. Save the changes and close the EH.INI file.


  • the new catalogue.nfo file has the same size as the old one but the content of the new file is different.
  • the file should not been downloaded by all userswith access to the  databases  H8 - G6 - G7 - G8 - G9


  • EH 2.2 with German databases

Operating Sytem

  • All OS



catalog.nfo352 K

Entry from: 23.03.2007
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