Error #:-1095

Error #:-1095

Error #:91001

Application/Library version mismatch



The mismatch is in the C4DLL.DLL file, i.e. the DLL that is used to access database files.

Occuring when

When starting Winchip


  1. Search the hard disk for multiple copies of the file C4DLL.DLL
  2. Replace these copies with the C4DLL.DLL which is on the Radar Program + Multimedia CD (in the folder \radar\winchip.eng\bin)
  3. Pay attention to the fact that this is a commercial DLL. It may be the case that some other program uses the same DLL, or another version of it. So, do not delete copies of this file, when present in other program's folders. Rename them before you copy the DLL from the Radar CD.


  • Winchip

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

By: Fb

Entry from: 01.12.2006
This entry is located in category: Start

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