"CK1-1: Initialization : File not found"

"CK1-1: Initialization : File not found"


Installation of the 30 days trial version of Easy Rep from the CD "Synthesis , die CD zum Buch" (ref.2001-06-9999)

Occuring when

starting Easy Rep 'Trial version'


  1. Insert the "Synthesis CD zum Buch" into the CD drive and cancel the installation
  2. Start the Windows Explorer and open the CD-rom drive
  3. Open the folder "OrdnerEasyRep" on the CD
  4. Select the file "Archibel.dat" by clicking once on it
  5. Choose 'Copy' from the 'Edit' menu
  6. Select the hard disk C:\
  7. Choose Paste from the Edit menu


  • Easyrep

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

Entry from: 15.11.2006
This entry is located in category: Start

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