Why do I have to back up my personal data?

Why do I have to back up my personal data?


Computers are always getting more reliable and maybe you wouldn’t think that your system might break down one day. But imagine that Windows suddenly crashes or there is a power break down while you are working with Radar. You are making additions in the Synthesis when the computer stops working and have no chance to save your work.
Now the files of the Synthesis are in an unknown state, probably so badly damaged that you are not able to recover them. Or you were going to save a repertorization for a patient you had just created. Your patient file is now unusable because it was not properly closed.
Or even worse, you installed a game for your kids and there was a computer virus on the floppy disks. The virus wiped out all the files on your hard disk !
In all those cases the situation is dramatic: you have lost your work, maybe days of labor!!

To avoid this kind of situation we strongly recommend you to make regular backup copies of your data.

Entry from: 14.11.2006
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