How do I backup on an external medium?

How do I backup on an external medium?


Backing up on an external medium is the only full proof backup, because it also potects you when your computer would crash, or be stolen.

There are 2 steps:
1. Back up your data on your own computer as described in the other FAQ's ("How do I backup precise Archibel data?" or "How do I backup ALL my critical Archibel data?").
This backup has put a copy of your data in one folder, e.g. the folder ../Radar/Backup.

2. Copy the backup folder onto an external medium. You can choose to backup on:
*** external hard disc (easiest solution as process can run automtically, once set up so)
*** CD or DVD (use RW samples, so you can rewrite on the same CD, DVD)
*** USB stick (most often can contain only one backup)



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Entry from: 14.11.2006
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