How do I back up ALL critical Archibel data?

How do I back up ALL critical Archibel data?


The new version of Repertory Utilities automates the backup procedure of all critical Archibel data.
Repertory Utilities Version 9.1.0110 was released on November 30, 2005 and is delivered with all Radar WebUpdates (9.1f and later) and with all Synthesis Update Logfiles 9.1_0001.exe (Saine additions Mind and later).

Here are the steps to perform once you have installed this version of Repertory Utilities (by installing one of the above mentioned WebUpdates):

  1. close all programs, including any Archibel programs
  2. open Repertory Utilities (the WebUpdates created a Swiss knife icon "Radar Backup" on your desktop, double click on it)
  3. Select the repertory you want to back up (e.g. Schroyens F., Synthesis 9.1)
  4. A dialogue window opens, indicating to you what will be backed up. You can select/deselect certain choices if you wish.
  5. Remember the backup directory where the backup will be placed. It starts with the European date of the backup, then the hour (e.g.: C:\RADAR\BACKUP\181205_080613 means December 18, 2005).
  6. Click on OK, the backup starts.

    The best practice is to periodically
    backup this directory to an external medium.



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