How do I restore critical Archibel data?

How do I restore critical Archibel data?


We suppose that you have made a backup using the "backup all critical Archibel data procedure".
Here are the steps to perform a restore once you have installed version 9.1.0110 of Repertory Utilities:

  1. close all programs, including the Archibel programs
  2. open Repertory Utilities (double click on the Swiss knife icon "Radar Backup" on your desktop)
  3. Select the repertory you want to restore (e.g. Schroyens F., Synthesis 9.1)
  4. A dialogue window entitled "Backup selection" opens: close this window by clicking on Cancel (as you do not want to backup at this time)
  5. From the menu, select: Backup - Restore files.
  6. A dialogue window entitled "Restore selection" opens, indicating you what you can restore. You have to tick on your choices.
  7. In addition, select the backup directory of your choice. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the Backup directory shows the list of backups you made. Remember that the directory name starts with the European date of the backup, then the hour (e.g.: C:\RADAR\BACKUP\181205_080613 means December 18, 2005)
  8. Click on OK, the restore operation starts.


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Entry from: 14.11.2006
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