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Importing SQL files into RadarOpus

Sql files contain update information for the database of RadarOpus, such as (corrections to) books, repertories, remedy catalogue, etc.
In most cases these sql files will come with an update of RadarOpus and be installed automatically.
This is the procedure in case you need to install an sql file manually.
Please read these instructions to the end before applying them:

You need RadarOpus 1.36 or higher.
Sql files will be sent to you either by email or through FTP.
Save them in the folder C:\RadarOpus\Data\Update



How to import an sql file into RadarOpus:

  1. Open RadarOpus
  2. Click on "Tools - Database management - Update from a file"
  3. Click on the folder icon to the right of "Choose the update file" and browse your computer for where you saved the sql file (C:\RadarOpus\Data\Update).
  4. Double click on the sql file: the name of the file will appear in the space after "Choose the update file:"
  5. Click on "Start update".  You should see a message that the update was successful.    If you want to import more than one file, you will be invited to repeat steps 3 to 5.    
  6. Once you have finished importing files, you will be invited to close and restart RadarOpus.
  7. Close and open RadarOpus
  8. The updated or new file should now be in your TOC list of Repertories or References, depending on the file type.

Please test by searching in the newly imported document and send any comments to

Entry from: 13.03.2014
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