Configure the CodeMeter stick as an HID device

If when you wake up your Mac computer it says it cannot find CodeMeter, the CmStick can be configured as an HID device (Human Interface Device) instead of an external device.

Click here to download the latest runtime file, version 5.x
Once you have installed the runtime, update the firmware:

Open Applications
Open CodeMeter

Update the CmStick version by clicking on the icon represented by a broken circle with an arrow head on the right of the CodeMeter Control Center window (underneath the light bulb and pencil icons).

Note the serial number of the CmStick (on the left in the CodeMeter Control Centre window) to type in the command line.
Open a Terminal window, type the following command and press Return

cmu --serial 2-xxxxxxx --set-config-disk HidCommunication

Take out the key and plug it back in again for the change to take effect.

Entry from: 13.08.2013
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