Uncommon VirtualBox Errors

Run fsck manually

When you start the UbuntuSrv virtual machine manually from the VirtualBox graphical interface and instead of Ubuntu login you see the message "run fsck manually":

After run fsck manually, type fs to launch a check of the vdi.

If the check progresses from 0 to 100 and does not detect any errors, the virtual machine should restart itself and then work normally.

If the result is an incomprehensible jumble of numbers, this means that the vdi file is damaged.  Kill the process and unzip the databases from the RadarOpus DVD then link them to the VirtualBox Sata Controleur. Restore a backup if necessary.


This message indicates that the user does not have rights on one of the folders used by VirtualBox. In most cases it will be the /Applications folder that is refusing rights.

The terminal command "sudochown root /Applications" will enable rights on the folder so that VirtualBox can open it.


This message indicates that the user does not have rights on certain folders used by VirtualBox.

The terminal command "sudo chmod o-w /usr" will enable rights on the folders.


In VirtualBox delete the virtual machine UbuntuSrv but leave the Ubuntu vdi file.

In the Virtual Media Manager, Release the vdi, Remove it but Keep.

Copy a new XML file from the RadarOpus DVD then register it: Machine -> Add and browse for the UbuntuSrv.xml file

Link the Ubuntu.vdi to the SATA Controleur

Verr_MSR_Locked (Windows) or on a Mac the startup gets stuck after displaying the VirtualBox Logo

If when you have started the virtual machine in the VirtualBox graphical interface you see:

Windows: Unknown error creating VM (Verr_MSR_Locked_Or_Disabled)

Mac: the VirtualBox logo displays for some time before disappearing then reappears but freezes in a black window:

In VirtualBox, click on UbuntuSrv and click on the Settings icon
Click on System
Click on the Acceleration tab
Un-check the box Activate VT-x/AMD-V

Start the virtual machine again from the VirtualBox graphical interface.

FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted

The main reason for this error message is that the vdi is not linked.
Check that the Ubuntu.vdi file is present in \RadarOpus\Data\Databases and link it to the SATA Controleur

If the vdi is not present, unzip the databases from the DVD

Entry from: 06.08.2012
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