RadarOpus on Mountain Lion

WARNING: Mountain Lion OSX updates can cause conflict with RadarOpus.

RadarOpus 1.34 is NOT compatible with Mountain Lion
RadarOpus 1.35 IS compatible with Mountain Lion

Please click here to contact support so that we can temporarily update RadarOpus giving you access to your program again and order a new 1.35 disk.

Important Note: Mountain Lion may refuse to install these applications because they are not Mac approved.  To get round this, ctrl + click (or right click) on the dmg and choose Open with - Installer (default) to install the programs.

Download and install version 4.2.1 of VirtualBox.

Download and install version 4.50 of the CodeMeter runtime for Mac OS.

Open the CodeMeter Control Center and if the firmware version is lower than 1.20, update it by clicking on the broken circle icon.

In some cases there is a problem with the program library libpq.5.dylib of Mountain Lion; the library does not exist, it is too small (15 Kb instead of 111 Kb) or the file is reported to have the wrong architecture.

Ctrl + click (or right click) on this link libpq.5.dylib and choose save Linked File As on the desktop. Do not append an extension to it if asked.  Open the Finder and in the Finder menu click on Go -> Go to Folder, type /usr/lib and press Go. Now slide the libpq.5.dylib file from the desktop to the /usr/lib folder and authenticate and replace the original file.

Note that if Mountain Lion warns you that RadarOpus is a security risk, go to the RadarOpus folder in Applications and CTRL+Click on the radaropus file, select Open and agree to open when asked.

If you have tried all of these and RadarOpus still crashes, please save a copy of the crash report in TextEdit and send it to us at support(at) so that we can find the cause.

Entry from: 26.07.2012
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