Files blocked by anti-virus programs

Cannot open RadarOpus

Downloaded the update, but it does not install

We have seen that anti-virus programs can quarantine the windows setup.exe file that installs the RadarOpus update.

Some may even delete the RadarOpus.exe file from the RadarOpus folder, making the shortcut not work.

If you have Norton 360, open it from the bottom right system tray. Select  Tasks/Check Security History.
From the pull down, select Quarantine. RESTORE any RadarOpus.exe files.

For more information about Norton blocking programs, click here

Avast tends to put what it considers suspicious files in the Sandbox. Open Avast from the system tray, click on Additional Protection and click on Sandbox.

In Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, on the right at the top, click on the command Settings
- in the Settings window, stay in the first tab Protection Center
- select "Application Control" in the list on the left-hand side
- now to the right, click on the "Applications" button to go to the next screen
- In the Applications window you will see RadarOpus, as you scroll through the list
- if you do not see it, you can search for it by typing "RadarOpus" in the search box, at the top right hand side of the same screen
- after you find the RadarOpus icon, you right click on it and, from the menu, you select "Move to group - Trusted"

Note that Windows UAC (User Account Control) may also ask you to allow files from an unknown editor.  Look out for these warning windows.

The firewall on a Mac can also block the opening of RadarOpus and/or VirtualBox and ask you to "allow the incoming connection".  To check the Mac firewall, open System Preferences -> Personal -> Security

Click the lock if necessary, click on Advanced, enter your password, click on Advanced

Check that CodeMeter, RadarOpus and VBoxHeadless are allowed to receive incoming connections.  If any of these programs are not in the list, click on the plus sign and browse for them in the Applications folder. Click on Add, click on OK

Entry from: 31.08.2011
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