RadarOpus does not detect the key

Copy protection error: the USB key is not plugged in

  1. First, make sure that the key is connected directly to the USB port of your computer.  This means no hub or extension cable between the key and the USB port.
  2. Update the CodeMeter firmware.  
  3. Windows users: Click on the Start button, All programs, CodeMeter, CodeMeter Control Center
  4. Mac users: Click on Applications, CodeMeter
  5. Opposite Version: CmStick 1.xx, click on the icon representing a broken circle (third button on the right)
  6. If the key is still not recognised, download the latest runtime kit for CodeMeter:
  7. Click here to go to the download page
  8. Choose the download according to your OS: Windows 32 bits, Windows 64 bit or Mac

Entry from: 22.03.2011
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