Radar Catalogue files

Radar Catalogue files

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These system files contain the list of all available repertories and keynotes in Radar. The access to the repertories and keynotes depends of course on your Radar configuration and the databases that you purchased.

Note: There is no need to download and install these files except if you have problems accessing the repertories or keynotes in Radar or if you get the error Can't find the family repertory 'Fam20-1' in the catalogue (H-101) and Technical Support told you to install these catalogues files.

Minimum requirements

  • Radar 8.1.40 or above
  • The freeware Winzip to extract compressed files

Installation instructions

  • click on DOWNLOAD
  • save the file CATALOG.ZIP to the folder \RADAR\SYSTEM on your hard disk C:\
  • make sure Radar is closed and double-click the file C:\radar\system\CATALOG.ZIP
  • extract both files CATALOG.DAT and CATALOG.IDX to the folder \radar\SYSTEM and overwrite the existing files

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

catalog_01.zip18.0 K

Entry from: 19.01.2007
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