Installing USB key drivers for RADAR 10.5

Close RADAR and unplug the key. Download the file called haspusersetup.exe and execute it. Follow all instructions. Plug in the key and wait for the message telling you that new hardware has been found and is ready to use. Start RADAR.

Note: do not attach the key to a USB hub.

If you followed all these instructions but RADAR displays a message saying "connector not found", then please contact Archibel Support.

For users of Windows 7:

Download this hasp file and save it in the C:\Radar\Hasp folder.

Once the download has finished, navigate to the C:\Radar\Hasp folder, open it, double click the HASPUserSetupW7.exe and follow the installation instructions.

For users of Windows 8 and 10:

Click here to download the driver for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Once the download has finished, go to your downloads folder, click once on the file and then on the extract icon.

Once extracted, click on the .exe files and follow the installation instructions.

Entry from: 04.06.2015
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